Sign The Prenup

Lets be real here, how often do you see friends or family celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary nowadays. Society has been plagued with acts of constant disloyalty and deceiving. Also your partner for over a decade running off with your kids or life savings. It won’t end well, however. Whenever a prenup is mentioned it turns into WWIII. Quite literally, Trust is a powerful and important aspect of a relationship that needs to remain constant. And asking a prenup is basically saying you don’t trust your partner, especially if your asking your wife.

I have mainly only heard of men getting scrutinised by their spouse for mentioning a prenup because, naturally the men work digging shit and get paid the most, unless you’ve got yourself a wife that’s a surgeon, if so you’re a lucky person, however it won’t be you asking for a prenup in that situation will it?

And the sad reality is, it has become a strategic battlefield, Love wasn’t mean’t to be this way, and it certainly wasn’t like this 30 years ago, and 50 years ago you would of known better. The formation of the internet and ways of communication have played a massive part in it. Snapchat is a great example, many adults and adolescents use the platform, sending pictures, videos etc. Its a perfect window for your vows to go out of swiftly. People don’t search up free Facebook or snapchat hacking on google to try torment a friend or partner, its to find out information.

Unless you’re going to keep your partner locked up in a room everyday, sign the prenup.



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