Single Mums That Leave Their Kids At Home

This is a once and every blue moon scenario, and I’m mainly directing this at single mothers that leave their kids at home to go to the club with their girlfriends, its a problem that plagues recently separated families. And adolescent mothers that had a kid before they are even allowed to step foot in a nightclub. It is a major issue and as far as society is concerned, it is wrong.

I’ve heard of this problem many times, and whenever the mother gets questioned on the topic, they don’t really say much in response, apart from “I have a life to live also”. And honestly they are right in the aspect of having a life and needing to live it. But they are wrong in the way they prioritise it. A child is not a right, and it certainly isn’t something you leave at home alone until 3am in the morning every Saturday night. The offenders can be separated when it comes to teenage mothers, to mothers in their 30s that just got separated with their husbands. Personally not much can be said to the offenders in their 30s, they should know better.

But you can’t expect a 18 year old mother with a 8 month old child or in some cases, 3 year old to know any better, because after all they did have a child at 15 years old. Awareness should be spread for this, because not only is it neglecting your child but it is degrading your entire personal image, and if you’re not a fan of being told how to look after your kid, take this with a grain of salt, Because if it takes child services to come take your child off you because you want to “Live life”, you are not fit to be a role model for you’re child, The way you act and be will help determine you’re child’s future self.