Top 5 Things Gender Extremists Should Know

Most of us have watched video compilations of your friendly neighbourhood extremist SJW, trying to attack people and force their beliefs onto people, its good to have a laugh at them. Because we all know nobody cares what they think, so here is a top 5 list of what a gender extremist should know.

One: Income difference

There is no sugarcoating this, traditionally, men have always been the workers. We work in the shit jobs, digging trenches, having near death experiences on a weekly basis in all weathers and only to come home to their wife that sits in an air conditioned office complaining about co-workers not reading a memo. That was pretty much the gig for decades.

However women are strong workers as well, there are a percentage that will do the same jobs as men do and get paid a lesser amount, In a job such as construction, it is a joke. Because if you’re going to do a mans job, you get paid a mans wage. And that is fair, if a female is going to stand side by side with other blokes digging rock and dirt out of the ground for less than the bloke next to her, its fair to argue the point.

But when a female has the luxury to go on a smoke break every half an hour after finishing a few emails to clients and comes back to a desk with a hand rest for your mouse, you should really have a go at real hard work before you bite the hand that feeds you before asking for a equal pay.

Two: Abortions

I’ve noticed a lot of women defending their right for abortion, its a sticky situation but in all honestly, if your going to go out and fuck yourself with unprotected sex and be an overall thot, get pregnant to a person you barely know. Then you should face the consequences, instead of thinking you can have choice over whether a person lives or not, eventually your ordering the death of your unborn child because you can’t keep your legs closed and you cannot support it. If you can’t take responsibility than you should wonder if you’re even mature enough to make the choice of an abortion or not.

Three: Unrepresented in government

US Congress is made up of 20% women, and you feel like women don’t have a bigger say in government?¬† maybe consider politics to close the gap?

Four: Women Do More Chores?

Its only very recently that society has opened up to women playing a bigger part, history shows that the husbands goto work and die at work while the wife stays at home, makes dinner, cleans it and does pretty much that. Instead of complaining to the world why do you get more chores? maybe use the power of voice and convince your husband or children to help make contributions.

Five: Women Pay More For Household Products Than Men

This one was a little funny because last time I checked, not sure if its changed but the price labels didn’t show a (Washing Powder: Men: $3, Female: $3.20), but we will still address it. You don’t tell your hubby to go shopping to pick up cleaning supplies for the household, nor do they walk in on a regular basis to shop at all. If the husband doesn’t go shopping and the female does, who is going to pay more for household products?