Seeing Your Partners True Colours

Finding out you’re partners true colours, is almost certain to happen when you move in with them..

You will see the bad and ugly, it won’t always be negative things, but you will certainly encounter it in the toilet, shower, and kitchen. You’d think the dog went inside and shook for 10 hours straight in the shower with the amount of fucking hair you see on the floor, but you realise its your partners hair and wonder if shes human.

Unless you’re the female then you’re in for a worse shock than what the men are, filthy and unorganised, as a male I can agree on that, which can apply for 85% of the males out there, we are pretty useless when it comes to household chores, unless you’re missus beats you with a stick. And any kind of strategic plan to get your male partner to get off their ass is going to eventually fail, a man that works in a hard kind of job can summon any excuse on the moon but if its a office job sucking dick all day, then you may be in luck!